Department Staff
  • Curriculum Office Staff
     Main Number  
     (520) 723-2434                     
     Fax Number
       (520) 723-2056
     Director of Curriculum
    Jessica Miller 
     (520) 723-2211
     Federal Projects Specialist Shannon Witcher   (520) 723-2434
     District Data Specialist Art Seemann

     (520) 723-2427      

     Instructional Data Coach Mary DeHaven  (520) 723-2047
     ELL/Migrant Interventionist
    Anthony Gonzales
     (520) 723-2057
     McKinney-Vento/Migrant Liaison Nadia GWilliams  (520) 723-2425
     Migrant Interventionist
    Carmen Navarro
     (520) 723-2058
     Migrant Coordinator Yolanda Magallanes   (520) 723-2429
     Gifted Coordinator Cheryl Cardinal  (520) 723-2443
Curriculum, Instructions & Assessment
  • TAP: The System for Teacher and Student Advancement
    TAP was launched in 1999 as a comprehensive educator effectiveness model that restructures and revitalizes the teaching profession by providing teachers with powerful opportunities for career advancement, ongoing professional development, a fair evaluation system and performance-based compensation.





  • ENVoY
    ENVoY is an Educational Non-Verbal Yardstick that was created by Michael Grinder and brought to our district by A & J Educational Consulting.


    Our district was drawn to the ENVoY program because the data showed us an opportunity to increase instructional time by at least 20%, a way to increase teachers' strategies for classroom management and the monthly coaching support that came with it.


        • Curriculum Responsibilities

          Coolidge Unified School District is dedicated to providing a high-quality education to all students. The Curriculum Department is responsible for all areas of instruction, including:

          • •ensuring that instructional materials are up-to-date and aligned to the Arizona Academic Standards
          • •ensuring that all lessons follow the district Curriculum Department alignment tools
          • •assisting teachers in the use of Best Practices in instruction

          The Curriculum Department is also responsible for managing the Federal and State No Child Left Behind Entitlement grants including:

          • •Title I (Education for Disadvantaged Students)
          • •Title II (Recruitment and Retention of Highly Qualified Teachers)
          • •Title III (Education of Migratory Students and English Language Learners)
          • •Title VII (Indian Education)


          The Department also manages School Improvement Grants and supports the implementation of School Improvement Plans. CUSD will be applying for the 21st Century Grant for 2015-2016 school year.

          In addition, the Curriculum Department coordinates textbook adoptions and purchases, professional development including Structured English Immersion, ongoing curriculum mapping revisions, Fine Arts instruction, district and state assessments, instruction for English Language Learners, and federal and state reporting required by No Child Left Behind.

          Another function of the Curriculum Department is operation of the Teacher Resource Center which is located in the McCray Building at 450 N. Arizona Boulevard. This facility houses the district textbook warehouse as well as many resources available for teachers to check out and use in their classrooms including literature kits and FOSS science kits. Poster printer and Awards Maker services are available for each of the District’s schools and departments.

          Requests to Conduct Research

          Thank you for your interest in conducting research in Coolidge Unified School District. We are committed to providing comprehensive academic and social learning in a safe and positive environment for all students to experience success and gain the tools to be responsible, productive adults in society. The district welcomes research partnerships that support this vision. Please click below on the format desired and complete the request and forward it to our Curriculum Department. We will contact you upon making a final determination.

        450 N Arizona Blvd., Coolidge AZ 85128  PH: 520-723-2040  Fax:520-723-2442