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    Support Services Building
    595 N. 9th Street
    Coolidge, AZ 85228
    (520) 723-2066
    After Hours Emergency Line - (520) 723-2066 OPTION 3

    Weather Alert - On rainy days, it may be too dangerous for school buses to travel down dirt roads. We are requesting that families bring their children out to the main, paved roadway on rainy or flash flood days. If you are unsure, please call the Transportation Department at the following number:

  • Bus Route Information

    Students eligible for bus transportation are those in kindergarten through 8th grade who live more than one mile from school or students in grades 9-12 who live more than a mile and a half from school.

  • Transportation Contacts
    If you have any questions regarding transportation, bus routes, or other related issues, please feel free to contact the transportation department:

    Director of Operations:
    Michael Schmitt
    (520) 723-2068

    School Safety/Training Coordinator:
    Ray Houser
    (520) 723-2066

    Administrative Assistant
    Maggie Quijada

    (520) 723-2066

    Fleet Services

    Deon Cook
    (520) 723-2074


     Lead Mechanic

    Matthew Carlson

    (520) 723-2074

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