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What is No Child Left Behind (NCLB)?

No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) is a law that represents the most sweeping changes to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act since it was enacted in 1965. It changes the federal government’s role education for kindergarten through grade 12 by asking schools to describe their success in terms of student achievement.

What is Coolidge Unified School District Doing About NCLB?

The Coolidge Unified School District continues to actively work toward increasing student achievement. Assessment data over the last several years shows that student achievement continues to increase. We attribute much of this success to a refocused effort on analyzing student assessment data, implementing scientifically based instructional strategies, and evaluating the results of these refocused efforts.

What is AZ LEARNS?

The following is a synopsis of key elements of this state legislation. If you would like a detailed description of Arizona LEARNS, please visit the Arizona Department of Education’s Website

Similar in scope and nature to NCLB, Arizona Governor Jane Hull signed into law Arizona LEARNS, which will provide schools with a definition of academic progress and accountability. The goals of Arizona LEARNS are to promote greater student achievement and establish rewards for results, using the Arizona Academic Standards as the benchmark.

After October, 2002, schools across the state received achievement profiles and labels identifying them as “Excelling,” Highly Performing,” “Performing Plus,” “Performing,” “Underperforming,” or after two years, “Failing to Meet Academic Standards.” The Arizona LEARNS labeling formula is based on AIMS data from 2000 to 2003 and Stanford 9 test data from 2001 to 2003. Effective School Year 2004-2005, the Terra Nova has replaced the SAT9 in grades two and nine. For grades three through eight, norm-referenced (NRT) scores are taken from the AIMS Dual purpose Assessment (AIMS DPA). 

In 2011, SB 1286 required AZ Learns to use letter grades A to F. The A to F evaluations will be posted until August 2013 along with the “Excelling, Highly Performing, Performing Plus, Performing, Underperforming, and Failing” labels. For more information about AZ Learns and the changes for 2011, please visit the Arizona Department of Education’s Web site.

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